We manufacture and provide a wide range of structural steel products for the construction industry. In our warehouse in Hayes, UK we have substantial amount of steel on hand. Whether you’re into commercial, industrial, residential or heavy civil construction industry, we have a lot of options that will provide exceptional structural support and protection while maintaining a degree of optimum quality.

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Steel Edge also provides the following services :

•Crane and Truck offloading
• 3D drawings & diagrams
• Mobile Welding

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If you know what are you looking for, or have designs made by an engineer, we’ll be glad to provide you a free quotation !

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Steel Edge is available in a wide range of cross-sectional shapes, each with its own set of angles and dimensions. To meet your needs, we offer standard I beams, hollow section steel (HSS), equal and unequal angle steel, PFC channels, and much more. Tables on our Structural Steel, Light & Rolled Sections, and Hollow Sections pages show the minimum and maximum lengths, depth, weight, web and flange thickness, and total dimension, depending on what you’re looking for.

Our structural steel is all CE registered, which is now a requirement for all fabricated structural steelwork. The mechanical qualities of structural steel are critical to its use, and these attributes come with basic performance requirements, such as yield and tensile strength.

Our services, which include (but are not limited to) full steel fabrication, mobile welding, crane hire, fabrication drawings, and 3D modelling, complement our product line.

We want to make sure you don’t leave unsatisfied and that you get exactly what you desire. Please contact us if you have any questions or special requests.

The force required to cause a deformation in steel is measured by yield strength. Under EN10025, structural steel beams with a thickness of 16mm are evaluated as follows:

• S235 steel has a PSI of 33,000 and a 235 N/mm2.
• S275 steel has a PSI of 36,000 and 275 N/mm2.
• S355 steel has a PSI of 50,000 and 355N/mm2.

Tensile strength of structural steel refers to the point at which deformation occurs across the length of the steel when stretched. At a nominal thickness between 3mm and 16mm:

• The tensile strength of S235 steel is 360-510 Mpa
• The tensile strength of S275 steel is 370-530 MPa.
• The tensile strength of S355 steel is 470-630 MPa.