To put it simply, Structural Steel

Fabrication is cutting, bending and

shaping steel to create a product of your choice. 

Steel Edge Fabrication

The next arises in its do ability, well let us tell you, that fabricating steel is a skill that requires a high amount of expertise and years of experience and the organization at Steel Edge ensures that we are able to be able to achieve the required finesse to create a high precision product of your choice

The application of fabrication occurs in a wide variety of heavy industrial construction to add value to your home via steel structural addition to your home’s infrastructure.

The process of fabrication is broadly divided into three stages:
1. Cutting
After the selection of your high grade is finalized, it is cut using many technologies like laser, water jet, or plasma torches.
2. Bending
Depending on the type of the project, in the next phase of its journey, the cut steel or the alloy is bent.
3. Assembling
In its final stage, the bent and cut steel parts are brought together to create the final structural form of the product. The assembling happens via welding or by the application of industrial adhesives depending on the project requirements.

After the assembly is finished at Steel Edge we use our top-of-the-line software to determine the shape of the final product in a manner that is time-efficient. 

Today’s structural steel fabricators face a problem in making these many modifications viable. The numerous specialized procedures that make up our steel fabrication service are meticulously carried out with great care.

If this makes inquisitive, do reach out to us.