Reinforced cages are components that are manufactured in the shape of a cage to aid
in the modular construction of structural components on-site. Produced in a factory-controlled atmosphere under regulated welding conditions by qualified and experienced Steel Edge employees
using machines or jigs. Together with
the skilled technical staff, At SteeEdge we analyze building plans to create
pre-cage products that are specifically
tailored to the complexity and site conditions.

By having your structural steel cages made off-site and supplied as per your requirements, you can save time and maintain the functionality of your facility.  Steel Edge Uk loose bar for concrete reinforcement is produced with adherence to BS86666:2005 and BS4466:1989 standards. 

Steel Edge provides prefabricated cages are either fully constructed or available in sections for on-site assembly. This reduces labor costs, the loss of loose bar on the job site and shortens the duration of your contract program. 

Did you know ?

Steel Edge also provides the following services :

•Crane and Truck offloading
• 3D drawings & diagrams
• Mobile Welding

Looking to Buy Structural Steel ?

If you know what are you looking for, or have designs made by an engineer, we’ll be glad to provide you a free quotation !