Parallel flange channels are more commonly known as PFC or C-section. A PFC is a vital part of the structural steel used in the construction of buildings and large-scale steel fabrications including floor beams, portal frames, trailer frames.

They are appropriate for structural applications or engineering, and they make perfect columns or floor joist supports because of their increased durability and strength. A PFC steel beam, for example, is a more flexible product that can be used as a load bearing product.

Parallel Flange Channels come in a variety of nominal depths, along with web and flange thicknesses. PFCs are formed using the same rolling method as steel, with the added benefit of being easier to build and modify to meet specific needs.

Steel Edge offers PFC channels starting at 100mm (depth) x 50mm (wide) x 10kg per meter, with web and flange thicknesses of 5mm and 8.5mm, respectively. The greatest size of PFC we offer per meter is 430 x 100 x 64kg, however, we’re willing to talk about beam sizes and measurements if you require anything a little different.

Steel Edge – Steel Stockholders, supplies a huge range of heavy structural section to the construction industry and DIY market across the West of England.

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•Crane and Truck offloading
• 3D drawings & diagrams
• Mobile Welding

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(H) (mm).
Web Thickness
Flange Thickness
Between Flanges

100 x 50 x 1010.21005058.583
125 x 65 x 1514.8125655.59.5106
150 x 75 x 1817.9150755.510130
150 x 90 x 2423.9150906.512126
180 x 75 x 2020.318075610.5159
180 x 90 x 2626.1180906.512.5155
200 x 75 x 2323.420075612.5175
200 x 90 x 3029.720090714172
230 x 75 x 2625.7230756.512.5205
230 x 90 x 3232.2230906.512.5205
260 x 75 x 2827.626075712236
260 x 90 x 3534.826090814232
300 x 90 x 4141.430090915.5269
300 x 100 x 4645.5300100916.5267
380 x 100 x 54543801009.517.5345
430 x 100 x 6464.44801001119442