7 Factors Affecting The Price of Steel Frame Structures

Here is what you need to know about the various factors affecting the price of Steel Frame Structures. All the information that you need to know to make the right decision while buying steel structure is right here !

Design :

Adding doors, windows and other customizations along with engineering your building for the codes and loads associated with your area will affect pricing.

The Price of Steel :

Can change daily especially during a trade war or after an unexpected event. The value of steel has dipped over the last few years, but experts are predicting that it’s value will increase over the next year. Steel is a global commodity that is subject to change due to the status of the world economy and unpredictable natural disasters.

Steel Frame Structure

Economies of Scale : 

 The price per square foot for steel buildings typically drops at the 5,000 SQFT threshold. The next price break tends to happen after the building is larger than 10,000 SQFT.

The Building System :

A steel building obviously isn’t your only choice for construction. There are several more options for you to choose from, so below is a chart you can use to compare the popular construction methods.

Construction Costs :

The construction costs you encounter while completing your building can fluctuate even more than the price of steel. A good rule of thumb is to count on between $10-$20 per square foot for essential things like concrete, erection, and insulation, but that range can vary greatly. Union labor, demand, the time of year, and your proximity to suppliers are just a few factors that can influence the price in your local market.

 The Complexity Of The Building :

Metal buildings are no longer confined like they used to be. Today, steel building kits are used for everything from personal garages to elaborate hotels or distilleries. Each building will require it’s own custom building system, and depending on the use of the building, the design could be very simple to extremely complex. A simple auto shop design won’t cost as much as a building of the same size that needs to accommodate an interior crane system due to its complexity. 

Location :

Steel frame buildings will always need to be constructed and manufactured with the final location in mind. Not only does the geography of the surrounding area have an effect on your steel frame structure, but so do factors like local building codes and planning permission requirements. The steel frame of your building will need to conform to building codes and be suitable for the surrounding environment and atmosphere. One example of this includes measures to ensure the frame has increased protection against rust by using a galvanised finish if the final location of your project is near the sea.

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